Tabitha Scott, CEM, CDSM, CHTP

Founder at Powering Potential

Public Speaking/Storytelling

Education: BSBA University of Louisville - MBA Fairfield University | Masters GSRBM University of Virginia | Blockchain / Crypto Certified MIT
Denver, CO, USA


Tabitha is a business futurist, catalyst for positive change, global speaker, and bestselling author. Her talks focus on the lessons from nature that transform growth and success. She currently serves as an advisor on engagement, sustainability, innovation, and cutting-edge leadership practices for large organizations. Tabitha recently led IT Strategy for a Fortune 400 Company during its record growth period. Formerly CEO of Cole Scott Group and Military Assistance Company, and SVP of Innovation & Sustainability at global companies Balfour Beatty Investments and Lend Lease Americas, she has deep experience leading purposeful business transformations.

Tabitha is known for her groundbreaking expertise in leveraging the principles of modern and ancient energy science to accelerate innovation, productivity, and success for organizations. Tabitha served as an advisor on sustainable business to the Executive Office during the Obama administration and was recognized for her numerous innovative uses of advanced technology at the White House during the Bush administration. She has published dozens of original works in leading industry publications, like Forbes, the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, the Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology, and CEO Magazine on energy, behavior change, and avoiding burnout.

Tabitha is a Certified Energy Manager and Certified Demand Side Manager through the Association of Energy Engineers. She is Blockchain Certified through MIT, and is a Certified Practitioner in bio-field holistic practices. Tabitha has a bachelor's degree in Finance from University of Louisville, a master's degree in Bank Management from the Graduate School of Retail Bank Management at the University of Virginia, and an MBA from Fairfield University. She is also certified by European-based Human Insight as an AEM-Cube consultant.


Helping audiences with the following topics really gets me excited: Recovering from Burnout, Building Positive Post-Covid Cultures, Finding Your Flow, The New Diversity Code: How to Unlock Hidden Potential, Productivity, & Profits, Future of Work, and Important Life Lessons from Animals. Since we are all made of the same energy, we can learn how to connect to better balance, hear our intuition, increase positivity, and have happier, more productive lives.

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Best Story

In 2016, I became so burned out that I left my job, gave away most of my things, and lived in the remote jungle of Costa Rica for months. While there, I had no cell service, Wi-fi, TV, or radio, yet I reconnected there with the natural world in a way I had not felt since being a child growing up on a small farm. I discovered how to listen to my intuition there amidst the animals and rainstorms, and then followed it into the most powerful phase of my I spent a lifetime thinking I had to prove myself to the world, to be perfect, to climb the corporate ladder. Now I know who we are is a choice--that it's OK to be logical and spiritual, tough and empathetic, progressive and sustainable...Nobody has to choose between enjoying life and success. I can show them how.

Origin Story

I see the world through the lens of energy--how we get into action, ignite change, and provide connection, direction, and power. With over 20 years of experience as CEO of several successful small organizations and leading corporate innovation and sustainability, my current purpose is to help leaders identify and tap into their personal and organizational potential through speaking engagements, workshops, and publications.

I have expertise in developing technology solutions, sustainability (ESG) programs, innovations, and investment strategies to engage global stakeholders, increase stock value, and improve profitability. Using what I've learned about behavior change over the years, I'm passionate about growing more sustainable businesses and implementing modern technologies. And, I like keeping it full of fun stories. "Real life is funnier than fiction," they say, and I agree.

Example talks


Tabitha A. Scott shares new ways to build on traditional diversity in business to increase potential, productivity, and profits. Learn how to adapt more quickly to accelerating change by adding cognitive diversity and diversity dynamics to your existing DE&I programs. In businesses, as in nature, we must evolve as technology becomes an important, integrated part of the modern workforce. People, teams, and technologies can all be optimized using the Growth Curve--find out how to build a winning team in this video and learn more at


Science proves all living things are made from the same energy source. Our perceptions and emotions react to the physical world we see, as well as the unseen vibes that surround us. Hidden in the space between what we see and what we feel are life-changing lessons from the people and animals around you. This workshop unveils how to uncover insights in your everyday life through intuition. This workshop will help you:

• Identify and shed harmful pressures that make you feel stressed out, disconnected, or off-balance.
• Tune in to your own intuition and identify your unique high vibe activities to reconnect, recharge, and increase positivity.
• Ignite your potential by taking healthy risks.
• Protect your own energy balance and redirect energetic attacks through two proven techniques.


Just as physical misalignment leads to limitations and lack of movement; so too does energetic misalignment or mismanagement. Learn to actively manage your energy to discover your purpose, transform relationships, and take the risks that will propel you forward personally and professionally.
● Discover your personal purpose. 85% of people are unhappy at work. Employees yearn to experience greater purpose but often struggle to find it. This talk explores how to use one’s intuition to find purpose, and thereby, passion at work. When one’s focus is poured into something they believe in, wellness, connection and success follow.
● Transform relationships at work and at home. Whether it is leading, innovating, influencing, or reconciling differences, there is always an exchange or transference of energy in every interaction.
● Take the risk. Many people fear change. Learn how to navigate risk and take worthy chances by nurturing and consulting your intuition.


Ignite your innovation culture, increase engagement, and boost success through critical leadership shifts. Learn how to use the Growth Curve to shape and align powerful teams, while identifying the optimal contribution of each team member that aligns most with their passion.
• Reinvent your innovation culture. The pace of change is accelerating! Keeping up requires more than technology alone—smart companies purposefully transform by tapping into the power of their people. Learn the keys to increase agility by not only valuing, but also incorporating each team member’s contribution so that diversity drives the Growth Curve.
● Clarify purpose to connect. 85% of people are unhappy at work. Discover the causes so to adapt and optimize for your employees’ satisfaction and engagement. An award-winning expert on avoiding burnout, Tabitha shares how cultivating one’s intuition rejuvenates the mind, nurtures passion, and thereby amplifies purpose at work for employees at all levels.


This presentation shares how to design a winning culture post-Covid. Key themes:
o Designing team culture with purpose
-- How to find your personal purpose (recognize your intuition)
-- Why focus on being "happy" doesn't work (and what does work)
-- Uncover team and organizational purpose

o Culture across hyper-distributed environments
-- Post-Covid changes (why we’re feeling off-balance and disconnected)
-- Connected Vs. Disconnected cultures
-- Why authenticity is paramount in the Human Era (beyond industrial and information ages, the human era requires reimagining “success”)

o Three strategies to retain social interaction while remote (get beyond typical approaches with more personal and relevant solutions that boost your culture)