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Keynote Speaker, Career, Talent, & Leadership Development Learning Designer, Trainer, Facilitator, and Bestselling Author of KNOCK at Opportunities Knock, LLC

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business - Harvard Extension School
Denver, CO, USA


Rebecca Otis Leder is a speaker, career educator, career coach, instructional designer, strategic advisor, facilitator, and bestselling author of KNOCK: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships that Matter, which has been featured by FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, PBS, and NPR and national news networks. Rebecca Leder has trained 1,000 students & professionals in her research-backed curriculum, The Knock Method®, in partnership with Fortune 500 companies, including Aon, Amazon, Brink's Inc., Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Office of Human Resources (OHR), Pendo, Lone Star Communications, Salesforce, Vanco, plus Denver Scholarship Foundation, University of Texas at Austin AMA Chapter, and Silicon Valley Jewish High Tech Community. She is a December 2022 candidate for the Graduate Certificate in Learning Design & Technology from The Harvard Extension School.

During her six years at Salesforce, Rebecca led the In-App Learning team within Customer Success, partnering cross-functionally with over 100 product, content, and Customer Success team members, which built new customer adoption products helping over 15K customers learn new Salesforce skills to succeed at work. And, she worked with global customers including Discover Financial, Hulu, and NBC, with an average email volume of 1 Billion. Prior, as an entreprenuer, she founded a marketing consultancy for small businesses, non-profits, and startups at the age of 26, which helped over 25 organizations attract, retain, and engage clients with innovative digital marketing strategies.

Rebecca has advised over 50 businesses and leaders to develop & execute on their strategic visions, & achieve heightened levels of collaboration among internal teams, and with clients and partners. She was named 40 Under 40 in the Intermountain Jewish News, and Rising Star Finalist in the Austin Business Journal Women of Influence awards.


Bringing people together around a dinner table, in career and leadership development workshops, or among internal teams at work.

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More than 100 miles


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Remind me to tell you what happened when I met with a Senior VP for an important didn't quite go the way I planned!

Example talks

2024 International Women's Day: 10 Ways to Inspire & Activate Inclusion in Our Careers & Communities

It’s not enough to inspire inclusion. How can we equip ourselves, our employees, our teams, our organizations, and our leaders with awareness and actionable strategies that will truly create inclusion in our cultures, our careers, our workplaces, and our communities?

In this International Women’s Day #IWD2024 workshop and keynote centered around the IWD key theme: #InspireInclusion, Rebecca Otis Leder, the bestselling author of KNOCK: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships that Matter, a former Salesforce Sr. Manager, Customer Success, and a career & leadership development learning designer, educator, and speaker, will bring forward the organizational and social psychology research that informed her 5 step method to building high quality career relationships, The Knock Method®, to provide students, employees, teams, and leaders with 10 Ways to Inspire & Activate Inclusion in Our Careers & Communities.

Choose from 1 of 2 tracks for the workshop or keynote on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2024), or during the month of March 2024, Women’s History Month:

1) For Managers & Leaders, OR
2)For Individuals & Teams

Rebecca will share 10 Ways to Inspire & Activate Inclusion in Our Careers & Communities, diving into topics such as:

– Challenge the current state to create a culture of inclusion
– Lead with empathy to reduce isolation
– Build communications skills for empowerment & self-inclusion
– Garner support, generate community

Discover real world examples where heightened levels of inclusion were achieved across industries, and learners will take away actionable tips on how to cultivate cultures of inclusivity.

Rebecca has delivered The Knock Method® and career & leadership development strategies to 2,000 students and professionals at Amazon, Brink’s Inc., Aon, Salesforce Women’s Network,, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Texas McCombs School of Business AMA Chapter, MIT Sloan School of Business, Brandeis University, Suffolk University’s Sawyer School of Business, JewishColorado, and Year Up.

Check out media coverage of Rebecca Leder and The Knock Method:

Note: There is high demand for workshops and keynotes on International Women’s Day, March 8th, and during March, Women’s History Month. Make your request early to allow for more preparation, and secure your spot for 2024! Learn more or request Rebecca for International Women’s Day or Women’s History Month – March 2024 through this form:

2024 Employee Experience & Talent Trends: Level Up Your People Team & Your People This Year

What if you could get up to speed with the best-in-class employee experience and talent development trends AND inspire your team through a hands-on workshop to uplevel your people programs to be on par with, or push past the trends to set new horizons for your organization and the industry?

Kick off 2024 with our 2024 Employee Experience Team Accelerator – a 2-part workshop and learning series where you will convene your people teams to hear the data, trends, and real-world case studies for organizations who are putting their people first, and as a result, maintaining high employee retention, attracting top diverse talent, and achieving operational performance while focusing on relationships within their workforce and with their partners, clients, and stakeholders.

Download our inaugural 2024 State of People at Work Report to discover 4 innovative trends, case studies, and data insights to inform your Employee Experience, talent management, career and professional development, and human resources and people strategy programs this year and beyond.

A New Take on Personal Branding: The Bridge Pitch (the new, improved Elevator Pitch)

When you're networking to build, grow, or change your career, high quality relationships will get you there. But, how do they begin? What's the first step in building deeper professional relationships that last beyond one coffee meeting to become a partnership with greater impact?

We often think of our elevator pitch as a quick introduction at the start of a Zoom call, or when we first meet someone at a networking event, at work, or at a conference. It's designed to be memorable, but also to talk about who you are.

What if you crafted a pitch that talks about who you are, but it's framed in a way that your audience, or the person or company you're meeting with, relates to and connects with?

Introducing The Bridge Pitch. It's about pitching yourself so that it lands with a specific person or audience, so you start off with connection right off the bat.

Rather than being self-centric, it's other-centered.

Rather than elevating you (only), it connects you to others' values and what's important to them.

Rather than building awareness about you, it builds awareness about the impact you can make together.

And rather than orienting others towards you, it orients you towards others, an others towards partnership with you.

In this fun, creative, interactive learning program for students, graduates, job seekers, new hires, emerging, and developing leaders and managers, participants will learn how to craft their personal brand to connect with others, make an impact, and solve problems--together.

Learn more at and

(Podcast Interview) Building and Growing Long-Time Supportive Career Relationships

Rebecca Leder shared her practical strategies for building high quality career relationships, and how to navigate career development by opening doors and reaching out to the right individuals where mutual value can be unlocked. This interview was on the NPR-syndicated podcast, Jazzed About Work.

International Women's Day 2023 "To Achieve Equity, We Must Equip Women with the Tools for Career Success"

There's lots of buzz around equity - providing the right tools and resources for individuals, taking into account their experience and needs, to ensure everyone has an equal chance at success. In this workshop, Rebecca Otis Leder, bestselling author of KNOCK: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships that Matter, and career educator EQUIPS women of all experience levels, across geographies, and with all titles, with practical strategies that empower them to reach out and build connections that help them reach their career goals. Organizations seeking to achieve EQUITY, must EQUIP their female colleagues with the tools and strategies that help them make progress towards their ideal future, and a meaningful career.

Attendees will leave having practiced hands-on exercises they can use at work and in their communities to build high quality career relationships - with managers, mentors, colleagues, employees, interns, hiring managers, clients, and partners. And, they'll hear real-world stories about how using these strategies unlocked new doors to progress and growth. They'll see actual email examples written with intention that unlock mutual value between individuals and teams, and will leave inspired to make the seemingly difficult path to success possible in their own careers, and for their own communities.

(Podcast Interview) Connect Thoughtfully in Your Career, and Opportunities will Knock

On the Stress Free Soulutions Podcast, Rebecca Leder shares practical tips and strategies to cultivate deep, human connection with colleagues, managers, mentors, mentees, interns, clients, partners to meet your career goals.

(Keynote & Workshop) The Knock Method®: 5 Steps to Building High Quality Career Relationships

Are you looking to make stronger connections cross-functionally, with your teams and leadership, or even with customers? Looking for some simple strategies to open the door to cultivate deeper professional relationships at work? Discover The Knock Method, which has been recognized by FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, NPR, and PBS. . Building meaningful career relationships—with your mentors, managers, colleagues, hiring managers, clients, partners, investors—is the key to not only building your meaningful career, but it contributes to overall wellbeing, your productivity, and your personal and professional growth.

In this talk, Rebecca Otis Leder, the bestselling author of KNOCK: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships that Matter, a former Salesforce Sr. Manager, Customer Success, and a career development learning designer/educator, will be sharing her research-backed 5 step method to building high quality career relationships, The Knock Method®, with real-world anecdotes about how the method made an impact at a global tech company, in the building of a school, and in solving hunger at a non-profit. We'll learn how to:

💡 Warm up "cold" outreach
💡Apply the method for intentional networking to take the pressure off, and put the power of connection to work, at work
💡Reap the health benefits for individuals and organizations that put human connection first
💡Grow our networks internally during the workshop by sharing ideas with other participants to propel our careers forward

We'll even look at email examples (once that were actually sent!) that are optimized for mutual value that unlocked new doors, and others that missed the mark.

Rebecca has delivered The Knock Method to 1,000 students and professionals at Amazon, Aon, Salesforce Women's Network, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Texas McCombs School of Business AMA Chapter, JewishColorado, and Year Up.

Check out media coverage of Rebecca Leder and The Knock Method:

(Keynote & Workshop) Build Career Relationships & Resilience

Let’s face it, careers come with ups and downs, efforts and disappointments, taking risks and not getting the right results, losing clients, missing out on promotions, and receiving less-than-ideal feedback. This workshop and keynote are for those who are all looking to build their professional network, gain tools and strategies to get stronger as we build a meaningful career, and be ready to face the challenges that come our way – through the power of connection.

When we feel “knocked down” in our careers, how are we showing up in professional relationships, and connecting with ourselves? This workshop isn’t about bouncing back (um, hello, it’s not that simple!) and leaving negative experiences in the dust. It’s about rising again, and coming out the other side with more tools, stronger relationships, new knowledge, and stronger than we were before we stumbled.