Dr. Sabrina Dean, DBA, R. N.

CEO at Dr. Sabrina's Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Education: Wright State University - Northcentral University and Central Michigan University
Dayton, OH, USA


Dr. Sabrina Dean, DBA, R. N., the CEO of Dr. Sabrina’s Healthcare Consulting, LLC for healthcare organizations, the Founder of Sabrina’s Consulting, where she helps individuals fulfill their holistic and health desires, and the Co-Founder of the African American Women Giving Circle, Dayton, OH. Dr. Sabrina is the former Director of Quality, Infection Control, Regulatory and Accreditation, Employee Health, Case Management, and Risk Management at several healthcare organizations, and she is an Adjunct Professor at Franklin University, Columbus, OH for their doctoral program. Dr. Sabrina is an experienced Registered Nurse with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry for 30+ years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Wright State University and a Doctor of Business Administration focused on Healthcare from the Northcentral University. Dr. Sabrina has spent the last 15+ years as a healthcare executive for several short term and long-term acute care hospitals.


Improving healthcare quality measures and patient safety.

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An interesting story I might share from stage is being raised by a single male parent.

Origin Story

I got to where I am today by working in healthcare for 30+ years, with 27 of these years being a Registered Nurse. My a-ha moment for becoming an entrepreneur was saving organizations millions of money and wanting to share my expertise with hospitals nationally.

Example talks

Four Steps To Improving Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Quality Measures

Searching for the proper resolution to issues in healthcare? Look no further. The M.A.R.P. Method™ assists organizations with solving core issues of problems. “M” represents Master Plan and is the first step in solving any problem in an organization. “A” represents Accomplish which involves working the master plan. “R” represents Research which involves reviewing the results and beginning to research the next steps. “P” represents Perform which involves assessing the master plan in real time. The M.A.R.P Method™ is a smart, proven, and proprietary program which is designed to solve core issues in any organization.