Monique Maley

President at Articulate Persuasion

Professional Training and Coaching

Washington D.C., DC, USA


Monique Maley is President and Founder of Articulate Persuasion, a Leadership and Presentation Development Firm singularly focused on cultivating influential and persuasive leaders through communication. As creator of Command a Room and The Visible Leader programs as well as the Investor Pitch Formula course, Monique works with organizations to help their executives and high-potential professionals build credibility, command a room and fast track their influence.

Bilingual and Bicultural – Spanish/English.


Passionately working at the intersection of Leadership and Language, I delight in cultivating leaders with influence and credibility. Helping founders go from entrepreneur to CEO and elevating female executives into the C-Suite and Boardroom are my deepest passions.

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Origin Story

I'm an experienced, sought after speaker who began her professional life as a classically trained actor. I understand entrepreneurs and CEOs because I have experienced the challenges of becoming an impactful leader first hand. Leadership can be lonely and miscommunications of any kind can cause challenges large and small. . I provide current and future leaders with the insights, skills and strategies to connect with others, articulate their vision and value and embody a strong and authentic leadership style.

I began my professional career in the theater and film industry where I worked for over 15 years in both the U.S and in London. I also founded and run two successful companies, worked with Fortune 500 companies and with high profile professionals from around the world.

I graduated from Tufts University in Boston.

Example talks

Conflict - Mastering Discourse without Discord

Conflict is an inevitable reality in the workplace. However, taking a proactive approach to conflict enables individuals and teams to develop productive strategies and deal with hidden problems that surface during a conflict. At the same time, leaders build a toolkit to support healthy team dynamics.

Stop getting the right answers to the wrong questions

When you’re growing quickly you do not have time to make mistakes. But when you don’t slow down to be intentional, your process for attracting and vetting new hires will cost you. I will show you straight-forward strategies to strengthen your hiring process and set new employees up for success

Command a Room – The power of Stories and Storytellers

Leveraging storytelling in a staff meeting, conference keynote, or a simple presentation is what sets great leaders apart. Too many, however, fail to engage and convey their message. Learn the mistakes of storytelling you can easily avoid.

The Confidence Matrix – Elevate Credibility and Influence

Just because you are leadership material doesn't mean you are seen as leadership material. I will share with you my formula for confidence and guide you through how you can begin to shift other's perceptions of you.

1001 Things that happened last week to cause turbulence at work

How is that possible? Easy, it happens across the organization daily. But there is a solution. We will discuss the one skill you and your team can strengthen for avert the bumps...

The Language of Your Business - Aligning Communication to Culture

• Identify the disconnect between the stated culture and the real one
• Learn how drafting a communication plan can increase success of a merger
• Understand the risks and rewards of misaligned culture and communication
• Discover how the language of your culture affects recruitment & retention

Managers as Coaches – How conversations, not annual reviews are helping grow organizations

• Learn why major organizations are moving away from the annual review
• Identify & support managers who have coaching skills
• Develop a training process for your managers
• Understand the power of coaching conversations

Virtual Communication – Is anybody there?

• Learn the biggest misconceptions about virtual communication
• Identify strategies to improve team communication - virtually
• Building rapport and relationships that are more than virtual
• Techniques to help teams and projects be more successful