Ellen Williams

Director of Advisory & ESG Services at Orion Global Solutions LLC

Information Technology and Services

New York, NY, USA


Ellen Williams is Director of Advisory & ESG Services at Orion Global Solutions, a Summit Level Salesforce implementation partner. She has over 25 years of experience as a technology and business process consultant, speaker, and writer. Ellen maintains her knowledge of technology advances and trends, most recently including sustainability and AI in her communications so they are relevant to clients and audiences.

Ellen's presentations, articles, and business consulting deliver guidance on technology best practices. From CRM and marketing automation to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), she has advised thousands of small businesses and presented to over 20,000 attendees (collectively). Speaking in plain English rather than technology jargon, Ellen educates customers and audiences alike to achieve strategic alignment of their business processes and technology platforms.

Past keynotes, workshops, and panels include NYC Social Media Week, NYxPO, and Sage Software Partner Summit, and podcasts include Sustainable Minds, Shark Bite Biz Vodcast, Actionable ESG™️ Talks, and The ESG Show. As a professional writer, Ellen's articles appear in top publications including Inc. Technology, Crain’s NY Business, and Forbes.


Technology can be amazing and it can be frustrating. I've spent my career simplifying the use of technology and helping businesses of all sizes successfully select the best platforms, implement them, and achieve adoption. In 2019 I was able to combine technology and sustainability, working with a platform that calculates carbon emissions. The decisions we make every day have an impact on the planet, so helping companies use technology to measure their carbon footprint so they can take actions to reduce them is exactly what I want to do!

And in 2023, I jumped on the AI bandwagon, and have created workshops including "Anyone Can Write Effective Generative AI Prompts" and "How to Create a Generative AI Strategy for Your Business" that are available for small events and industry conferences.

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Origin Story

My technology journey started in 1985 when they put a computer on my desk and said, "Learn it." Since then I have been an avid technology user and teacher. My presentations are always educational and in plain English.

Being both a writer and speaker has enabled a very interesting career path. My entrepreneur days were spent presenting to small business organizations and at small business summits which led to spending 4 years as the NY/CT Regional Development Director at Constant Contact. Ironically, my days were spent presenting to the same audiences, however, my stages were bigger!

My return to entrepreneurship (as "The Data Chick") enabled me to expand my topics which caught the attention of the CEO at Orion Global Solutions. My 25+ years of technology knowledge combined with my writing and speaking expertise allowed me to create the Director, Advisory Services role and I was back to employee mode! (Happily, as collections calls are my least favorite thing to do as a solopreneur!)

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are the most recent additions to my knowledge, allowing me to help clients and audiences understand how to leverage technology to do well and do good!

Example talks

Navigating the AI Landscape: Harnessing Potential, Addressing Concerns, and Shaping Policies

Discover the dynamic realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this succinct session. We'll unravel its capabilities, navigate through its practical and ethical implications in the business world, and explore how to communicate its benefits. We'll discuss the concerns arising from using AI tools trained on public data, emphasizing the importance of mitigating biases and ensuring privacy. Dive into the essentials of crafting a robust AI policy that aligns with ethical and organizational standards. Dispel the myth of AI replacing employees, as we highlight its role as an assistant that augments human capabilities. Understand that the adoption of AI is a gradual journey, where employees progressively integrate AI tools into their workflows, enhancing productivity and fostering innovation. Join us to navigate through the AI ecosystem, ensuring its ethical and effective incorporation into the business landscape.

Currently booking versions of this presentation!

The ESG Show #11 - Measurement of ESG and Scopes 1, 2 and 3

How we can use data in our decision-making processes to ensure our ESG strategies are effective and authentic?

Sustainable Minds Podcast: Integrating ESG into Business Strategies for Sustainable Growth with Ellen Williams

In this episode of the Sustainable Minds podcast, Ellen Williams, Director, Advisory & ESG Services at Orion Global Solutions, joins Gary Baker and Roxanne "Rocket" White to share her insight on the importance of sustainability in organizations. They touch on the role of technology, leadership engagement, and its impact on younger generations.


Shark Bite Biz Vodcast - Talking About Selecting Technology and Sustainability

Finding a new tech solution is tough. Trying to find one that also helps with your carbon footprint, tougher. Shark Bite Biz's David Strausser chats with fellow Forbes Business Development Council Member, Ellen Williams, chatting about the works she does selling SalesForce with Orion Global Solutions.


Sustainability and ESG in Corporate America

In this podcast, Actionable ESG™️ Talks series, brought to you by AKFI (Actionable Knowledge Foundation Institute), we discussed:
• A perspective on the current state of digital transformation and ESG
• How to transition by focusing on People, Process, Technology, Sustainability
• Sustainability and Scope 3 reporting challenges
• Governance for diversity


How Remote Work Impacts DEI

In this webinar from Breaking the Glass, the panel of experts discusses how companies can use working remotely as a vehicle for creating greater diversity in their workforce.


Did You Know That? Podcast titled: What Do You Know About Data.

Ellen Williams doesn’t like wasting data. She knows the value contained in those bits and bytes, and she knows how to extract that value. (You don’t get the moniker, The Data Chick, for nothing.) On episode 2021:3 of Did You Know That? Ellen and I talk about data, what companies can do with it, and why they don't do anything with it (most of the time). The conversation is a good reminder that the service/product you produce isn’t the only valuable element of your business.