Erin Lebacqz

Educator and Author at High-Value Writing


Education: BA International Relations, University of California at San Diego - MA Rhetoric & Writing, University of New Mexico
Sacramento, CA, USA


Erin Lebacqz has been teaching writing for over 25 years and now helps work teams develop their Writing EQ to both inform and connect with their readers. Erin's book High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing, as well as her workshops and YouTube channel help business writers develop the confidence to use their voice, and the clarity to impact their reader.


Helping people feel more confident and in control of their written communication options—helping people "own" their writing.
Helping individuals and teams develop Writing EQ to better build and maintain professional relationships through writing—as well as reducing conflict.

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Best Story

I often share stories of my workshop participants, and since I teach often, I have a lot of stories! For example, one participant recently shared a story in which he (as a "lower" ranked person) had to tell a high-level doctor they had done their documentation wrong. My student was nervous about writing "up the ladder," and had to make a variety of writing moves to ensure he didn't offend the doctor—but did get what was needed. This story, among many others, illustrates why we need to apply EQ when writing—to preserve or build relationships even when the topic is difficult.

Origin Story

I started teaching writing when I was 23 and noticed right away: This empowers people! I quickly realized my mission would be to help the under-served get access to education and learn to use their voice and written voice with confidence. I now work with business teams and get excited when I see the same growth and development among new leaders, who learn to write to their teams in a way that builds community, preserves morale, and limits conflict.