Val Ries

Executive Coach/ Leadership Trainer at Executive Muse


Education: BSN, Nursing - MBA
San Jose, CA, USA


I’m an emotional intelligence enthusiast, coach, trainer and management muse. Author of Chief Inspiration Officer: How to Lead the Team Everyone wants to be on. Guide to hundreds of executives, business owners and managers.


Transformation, employee engagement, dancing, new restaurants and puppies. :)

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Best Story

The time I was fired...and why it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Why it took 4 years to write and publish my book.... and how I got over imposter syndrome
How visualization is powerful .... and how it lands new jobs, wins marathons and dream dates.

Origin Story

I was sitting in a meeting red-faced and humiliated. A senior VP just evicerated me in a meeting for bringing up a software issue because I was, "going off topic." I was her latest victim, but not her first.
I went back to my office unable to focus on my team, seeing the impact these encounters had on me - It was in that moment I thought - "I want to teach others how to lead."

Example talks

Bye Bye Burnout

You know those times when you are triggered, having an off moment, or a frustrating day. We’ll explore my CAVE method that explains why we get overloaded with the nitty gritty. Once free from the CAVE, you’ll have the confidence to focus more on vision, authentic communication and team cohesion. Said goodbye to burnout once and for all.

Mastering the Art of Challenging Conversations

Take your results and relationships to new heights! In this presentation, I'll share and practice with you an incredibly powerful 3-step communication tool that works even with the most challenging situations.

How to Lead a Loyal Team that Stays

Inspired employees contribute differently than everyone else. They work harder, stay later and recommend friends to the organization - and not because they are paid more. During this workshop, Val explores how to create a culture where people perform at their best by leveraging her proprietary CRAVE® model and lessons from her book: Chief Inspiration Officer.