Leslie J.

Principal at Order Out Of Chaos

Individual and Family Services

Education: Cornell University
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Leslie Josel-Principal, Order Out of Chaos

Leslie Josel, an ADHD-academic and parenting coach, is an award-winning entrepreneur, having founded Order Out of Chaos – a virtual company whose mission is to help parents guide their students to success in learning and in life - when her son was first diagnosed with ADHD.
She is also the creator of the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management®, a planner that helps students develop time management skills, and the award-winning author of 3 books including the recently published, “How to Do it Now Because it’s Not Going Away: An Expert Guide to Getting Stuff Done.” (Lerner Publishing)

A respected resource on ADHD and Executive Functioning, Leslie writes the weekly “Dear ADHD Family Coach®” column for ADDitude Magazine, the premiere magazine for adults and children with ADHD. She speaks to audiences all over the world helping them utilize their resources to best navigate the task-driven world in which they live. Last year, Leslie’s line of student organizing products – a collaboration with Samsill Corp – was released.

And for the last six years, Leslie has been named by Global Gurus as one of the top 20 Time Management experts in the world.


I have many passions! Don't we all? But here are my two. I'm passionate about helping parents guide their students to success in learning and in life. As a student and parenting coach, I work tirelessly to make sure that parents have the tools, resources, understanding, pulse and verbiage to communicate effectively with their kids. As a 19 year business owner, who took a whim of a business idea back then and turned it into a global, virtual, multi-streamed, robust community of over 75,000 parents, students and related-professional, I love to talk about growing a best-in-class business. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing other entrepreneurs with an idea bring it to life!

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Best Story

In terms of growing your business.... "You never know who is watching, reading or listening. So always make sure you are bringing your A game every time." I was on a small stage in St. Louis once speaking to about 30 people, but little did I know that one of attendees was a television producer for the Hallmark Channel. The next thing I knew, I was a "regular" on the Better Show giving parenting advice. My second book? The publisher read an article I had written for Family Circle Magazine, liked what he read and reached out. An appearance on Randi Zuckerberg's podcast? Because I spoke at her son's elementary school.
You never know who is watching, reading or listening!

Origin Story

It All Started With My Son

When my son was 5 years old he was diagnosed with ADHD. Finding ways to teach him time management and organization skills became my passion…and my business. I learned systems and strategies that brought "order to the chaos" at home and at school. But the most effective “research” I did was to talk to parents like me to learn from their experiences. And then share information and provide support.

Parents started coming to me in droves for education, systems and strategies to help themselves and their children. My newfound expertise launched Order Out of Chaos®, whose mission is to provide hands-on education, guidance and coaching to parents and their students through our customized products and programs, so all children – both mainstream and with learning difficulties – can develop the necessary skills needed to experience success in learning and in life.