Laura Browne

Development, Diversity and Learning Leader at Career Tips For Women, LLC

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Clark University - Manhattanville College and Columbia University Coaching Program
Phoenix, AZ, USA


Laura Browne is a speaker, corporate trainer, author, and certified business coach with more than 20 years of experience in global human resources and management development.
She's a guest on podcasts, radio shows, and television. Here's a recent television interview:
She has trained and coached female leaders from Fortune 100 companies. She’s written for Forbes and has been quoted as a business expert in major publications including Cosmopolitan, Family Circle magazine, and USA Weekend.
Laura is the author of 10 books including Why Can't You Communicate Like Me? How Smart Women Get Results At Work and Increase Your Income – 7 Rules for Women Who Want To Make More Money at Work.
When Laura speaks to companies and Employee Resource Groups, her topics include How To Be Happier At Work, How To Increase Your Confidence, How To Get Heard At Work, 5 Success Strategies At Work, Differences Between Men and Women at Work and What That Means To You, and How To Be More Persuasive. When Laura speaks to associations and organizations, she also speaks about How To Make More Money At Work.


Helping women be more successful and make more money at work.
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Best Story

I developed a leadership program for women in a technology company. Some executives didn't see the need for it initially but women were quitting at a higher rate than men. One executive told me that he didn't see the need for a program for women because he didn't see gender differences and didn't discriminate. I shared some research with him and I was able to run the program. Managers nominated the women in the program and had to agree to also take part in some training to support the learning. The program was very successful and participants had a higher level of retention and a higher level of promotion.

Origin Story

The first time I asked for a raise my boss said no and I was so embarrassed I wanted to quit. Instead, I went back the next day and asked him why. His answer was that it wasn't raise time. I didn't realize that my company had an annual time when raises were given. I asked him what I needed to do to get the best raise possible and several months later I got a great raise. That helped me to start on my journey to help other women to be more successful and learn how to make more money.

Example talks

How To Get Heard at Work

Attendees will learn:
• Information about the 4 main ways people prefer to communicate
• Understand how they normally prefer to communicate by taking a short quiz
• How to make some small adjustments that will help other people to hear the message

How To Be More Confident

How To Be More Confident:
Attendees will learn:
• It's not necessary to feel confident in order to look and sound confident
• Specific actions to take to look and sound confident
• What gets in the way of feeling confident and what to do about it

How To Be Happier At Work: 7 Research-based Strategies

This information is inspired by the book, The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life by Shawn Achor.
Attendees will learn the 7 strategies:
1. Understand the advantage of happiness
2. Choose your mindset
3. Spot patterns of possibilities
4. Fall down and get back up
5. Start small
6. Make it easy
7. Use a support network

5 Success Strategies At Work

Attendees will learn:
1) Understand the rules of the game
2) Remember, it’s only business, it’s not personal
3) How to show and build confidence
4) Let others know what you’re doing
5) Ask for what you want

How To Persuade Others

Attendees will learn:
• Recognize them or the situation
• Be clear about what’s in it for them from their point of view
• State what’s obvious to you because it may not be obvious to them
• Help them to feel connected

Differences Between Men and Women at Work and What That Means To You

Attendees will learn:
• Differences between traditional female and male mindsets
• What research shows about the double-bind dilemma that many women face
• Actions to take that can lead to more positive results with men and women