Sarah Tetlow

CEO & Founder at Firm Focus

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: University of California, Santa Barbara
San Francisco, CA, USA


Sarah is an experienced productivity consultant, trainer, and speaker for attorneys and other busy professionals. She uses her past experiences, organizational and strategic thought process, education, and training to help law firms improve their bottom line and operate more efficiently. More importantly, Sarah’s clients see a reduction in stress and anxiety and an increase in focus and new business. Through one-on-one consulting, strategic planning, workshops, and group trainings, Sarah works with attorneys, law firms, and busy professionals to find personalized ways in which to manage one’s day with a proactive and focused approach.

Sarah is also the creator of the ARTT™ Email Productivity system and course. The ARTT™ course has helped hundreds of professionals gain control of their email, mitigate using email as a distraction, effectively track important communications, and reduce stress and anxiety. It helps email users understand their human habits connected to the technology to effectively organize their inbox. ARTT™ Graduates have reported an increase in responsiveness and revenue. The ARTT™ course is available at and Sarah is also available to lead private ARTT™ system trainings.

Through Sarah’s passion for focused work and her unique and sympathetic coaching approach, she creates a partnership with her client that warrants learning and changed behavior.


Productivity, Well-Being, Time-Management, Organization, Legal, Animals, Children, Email Management/Organization, Disney, Disney Movies, Trashy Reality TV

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Best Story

When I met my husband, we spoke for 10 minutes before I had to leave. I got about 50 yards and, despite being in a hurry, I stopped dead in my tracks. I had to go back and give him my number. We were both traveling and I knew we would never see each other again...but I wasn't done talking to him. This is the very abbreviated version of the story, but in that moment, I asked my mom to "hold my purse" so I could go back and give him my number. What I was really asking her to do was to hold a purse full of doubt in order to have the courage to do something risky. These similar stories of asking someone to "hold my purse" filled with fear, insecurity, and other negative emotions have led me to do something that is daring, courageous, and strength.

Origin Story

I worked in law for about twelve years and loved my career. When the law firm I worked for moved me into a new role, I had a lot of mixed emotions. There was a part of me that really enjoyed this role / promotion. There was another part of me that missed what I was doing before the move. I started to do home organizing as a side gig to see if that was a direction I wanted to take. While I loved doing home organizing, and my business was growing, I started to look at that business strategically and I did not see how I could make it a lucrative career.

One day, while commuting on the train home, it suddenly came to me. I have been organizing lawyers throughout my career. I have been helping lawyers manage their time, their attention, their tasks, and helping them be more organized. It came to me at the perfect time and it seemed so obvious. Then the name of my company also came to me, Firm Focus, and everything felt right.

Example talks

ARTT™ Email Productivity System

The ARTT™ Email Productivity Course will help you take control of your inbox and let you decide how YOU want your day to go. No more working against a never-ending email to-do list. It is time for you to master the ARTT™ of email.

​Implementing a new mindset to interact and use email as a tool, not a to-do list
New framework to take control of your emails
Using ARTT™ to upgrade your email flow
How to prioritize and organize emails to fit your schedule
How to never forget or lose important emails
How to redesign your calendar to use your time efficiently without burning out

Learn to do More, By Doing Less!

The most successful businesspeople did not advance in their careers alone. After all, they have the same 24-hours in a day that we all possess. Many of these same successful individuals also experience some of the same preservations that you do when it comes to delegating: lack of trust, desire to control things, hesitancy to spend money, or concern it won’t get done to your expectations.

​The big differentiator is that successful people quickly recognize that, to achieve more in their business, they have to find ways to actually do less. They realize that the secret to accelerating their professional growth is to work smarter and not harder by leveraging qualified colleagues and professionals. They appreciate that they can learn to become a delegating master. Are you ready to learn to do more by doing less and become a delegating master, too?

Attendees will leave this program feeling empowered to trust others to help them, and ready to do less!

Get More Done Today!

Simplicity is the key to getting more done. With so many productivity applications on the market, it’s hard to know which works best for busy professionals. This workshop covers the fundamental concepts of productivity apps like Trello, Asana, and and explains how and why they work. Learn simple techniques and strategies to boost productivity without having to subscribe to productivity applications.

Stop Welcoming the Distractions!

Controlling Interruptions & Distractions

Your time is valuable, but the distractions never seem to stop. Do distractions keep coming? Or are you letting them happen? This workshop guides you with techniques to stop welcoming distractions and interruptions into your already busy days. Participants will learn how to proactively manage time, mitigate frequent distractions, and increase billable hours.

From Frazzled to Focused

From Frazzled to Focused helps busy professionals get past work-related overwhelm. Design your day with productive and intentional systems so you can work effectively and succeed without burnout.