LaShawnda Rodgers, CSM, MBA

Founder/CEO, Author, Consultant, DEIB Advocate, Training and Development, Leadership, Tech Mentor, Certified Coach at Rodgers Global Leadership Consortium

Management Consulting

Education: Bachelor in Science of Business Administration/Minor Computer Information Systems - MBA
Raleigh, NC, USA


LaShawnda is a dynamic speaker, tech mentor, women's advocate, DEI ally, author, founder, coach, and consultant. She has obtained a Bachelor’s in Science of Business Administration, MBA, Transformation Life Coach Certification, and a Scrum Master Certification. LaShawnda serves on the board of Blacks in Technology as the VP of Community Outreach. LaShawnda is currently the Founder and CEO of Rodgers Global Leadership Consortium. As a Leadership Consultant for Rodgers Global, LaShawnda provides customized learning solutions by utilizing data, artificial intelligence, and coaching. As a leadership coach, she works with high performing individuals and leaders to gain clarity, direction, and be a more effective leader inside and outside of the workplace. LaShawnda is also Founding Member of Tech Ladies, and valence BONDS. LaShawnda has 15+ years of professional business experience in program management, project management, business analytics, IT, systems Analysis, change management, leadership, team building, employee engagement, risk evaluation, and financial analysis.


LaShawnda is most passionate about helping others that are from underserved communities to obtain better careers and obtain economic sufficiency. LaShawnda is also passionate about empowering others to see the value they bring into the world. LaShawnda is passionate about preventing homelessness, domestic violence, suicide, and sexual assault. LaShawnda is passionate about helping others to eliminate negative thoughts that keep them stuck in cycles. LaShawnda is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access and knowledge to adquate educational resouces to grow.

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Best Story

Spoke to a crowd of 10,000 at a Technology Summit about impact of Diversity in Technology Sectors. This was a crowd of entrepreneurs, business leaders, hiring recruiters, college students, and those interested in transitioning into tech field. I led with a question that made the crowd think. Then utilized graphics, statistics, a few slides, props, and open dialogue to keep crowd engaged. As I provided eye contact, energy, and left space for attendees to ask questions I could see that the crowd was enjoying the conversation. . At the end of my presentation there were people reaching out to me for more information, mentoring, coaching, and services. I was also asked to return again for another upcoming conference.

Origin Story

I have been speaking for over 15 years at nonprofit, religious, and corporate events. My speaking opportunities started back in 2009 when I was asked to speak at a regional team-building function for that company. I was speaking on the importance of change and forward moving companies. I received standing applause, and recognition for presenting information in a easily digestible but engaging way that left attendees wanting more.

Example talks

Confidence in the Midst of Turbulence

This talk will cover the importance of being confident in who you are and your value. When things are really in a state of turmoil it's easy to lose faith in yourself and shrink your confidence. But this is the very moment to stand firm and be resilient. Your ability to remain confident and soar in the midst of adversity is inspiring to others and strengthens you.

Impact of Technology on Leadership

This is for novice-expert crowds. This talk is about the changing technology landscape and the impotence of staying current with these trends and changes. We will examine the impact of technology on leaders and how they can support leadership objectives and aid in leading more effectively.

Black Women Equal Pay Day

Outreach LaShawnda Rodgers Meeting.mp4

Was a panelist for Outreach ERG to speak concerning Black Women's Equal Pay Day. I spoke with over 5,000

Impact of Media concerning African American representation in tech

The audience was those across all industries that are passionate about media.

The Future of Leadership

This talk was presented at Northwestern Mutual Leadership Conference 2022. This talk was on the necessary changes leaders must make to retain their workforce and stay relevant. This discussion also talked about the importance of diversity in leadership, and the push for artificial intelligence and machine learning in data and management practices.

The Great Resignation and It's Impact On The Workplace

In this talk, LaShawnda Rodgers, Leadership and Business Consultant, outlines how the job market has changed since the pre-pandemic years, and what candidates and leaders must do to adapt and thrive in this new reality.

How to Exude confidence During An Interview

What the audience will learn:
How To Bring Your Authentic Self to Interview
Share Tips on Communicating Your Brilliance W/O Sounding Conceited
Cover how self-care and preparation affect your interviewing and job success