Maryann Lombardi

Founder and CEO at Find Your Fit

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: University of Michigan Ann Arbor - University of Massachusetts Amherst
Washington D.C., DC, USA


I've spent 20+ years working for governments, institutions and brands, bringing together billion dollar partners, and leveraging their resources to support thousands of people to get jobs, access free therapy, and grow their businesses.

I’d enjoyed work my ass of but find myself miserable and burned out when my growth potential stalled. 

My satisfaction with work rarely aligned with my promotions or status of the positions I held. It depended on whether the work was challenging, required me to grow, whether I felt valued, and was having an impact
My satisfaction and the quality of my work relied on the fit. 

We spend a lot of time trying to change ourselves to fit into things that just aren’t right. We assume we are the problem when the fit is off. Whether fashion, relationships, or jobs, we squeeze, starve, and contort ourselves to try and make it work instead of acknowledging that sometimes it’s just not the right fit and it’s time to move on.

The problem I see is that ambitious and goal-getting women feel stagnant in their career growth, they get stuck in careers and work opportunities that no longer fit. They end up working harder, doing more, saying yes to more stuff hoping it will lead to more opportunity. But it doesn't work, they just end up more burnt out, and feeling frustrated and under appreciated

The truth is, until they face the problem, the fit, they will always be dealing with those symptoms.

That’s where I come in. I help them identify what their next move needs to be in order to feel more aligned with their career life and go after that position with confidence so they can have the life and the impact they are looking for.


Career Development: Thinking Beyond the Resume
Entrepreneurship. How to rethink how we build businesses so they align with the life we want to live.
Gender Equity. The Work Life Balance Myth.
Building Confidence.

Identity, rethinking and owning your narrative - I wrote a book about this published by New Degree Press in 2021 ( I'm the parent of a transgender child. The book explores my own rediscovery of my identity based on my child willingness to questions their own - I can talk about that for days.

I have a back ground in the creative economy and city government, building creative and entrepreneurial ecosystems and workforce development. So I can wonk out with the best of them on those subjects as well :)

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Best Story

The stories of my book, "It's Your Story to Tell: Essays on Identity from a Messy Life Well Lived" are pretty compelling. It is a deep dive into my rediscovery of my own identity. Here is the book trailer ( I'm a firm believer that it's hard to know what you want if you don't know who you are, so the stories of self discovery play a big part in my approach to building businesses and entrepreneurship.

Origin Story

I have built a 25 year career out of building, rebuilding, and launching businesses, organizations, initiatives, and offices. Every job I've every had was either created by me or for me. This entre and intra-preneurial approach to my career has led me to work with different kinds of industries, serve diverse communities, and sit on every side of the table. It has provided me a unique perspective on the issues facing job seekers and job creators.