Samantha L. Santiago

Motivational Speaker, Coach & Executive at Make Big Bets, LLC

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Worcester State University
Boston, MA, USA


Samantha L. Santiago is a motivational speaker who hails from Boston but has a special place in her heart for Southern California where she spent nearly a decade. The youngest in her Puerto Rican family, Sam learned to find her voice early and advocate for what she believes in. Today, she uses that strength to help companies solve their toughest problems and develop a strategy for the future. Sam is a strategic advisor and change maker to leading C-Suite Executives across multiple industries. Her innate ability to build relationships, create bridges across silo's, and lead inclusive and empowered teams makes her the ultimate business partner.

An expert in Operational Excellence, Sam is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Change Management expert. Over her career, Sam has helped companies achieve over $500M in expense savings by deploying Lean Six Sigma tools, leveraging Agile principles, and deploying the latest automation technology. As a visible champion for change, Sam catapulted into Executive leadership positions at Liberty Mutual, Farmers Insurance, Toyota, Hyundai, and Staples. In 2022, Sam launched her own Executive Coaching firm for Women who are experiencing setbacks in their careers.

Named #4 on the Top 50 Women Leaders in Massachusetts list by Women We Admire, Sam aims to help other Women ascend in leadership with her first book coming out in 2023. As a first-generation college graduate and an openly queer Latina Executive, Sam knows the challenges of climbing the corporate ladder while remaining true to yourself. Her first book, will focus on cultivating confidence and community as you grow in your career. This how to book will provide real life exercises that Sam has used in in her 20 year career when she faced moments of doubts, or when big opportunities presented themselves.

When she is not writing books, speaking, coaching or developing corporate strategies, she is training up to four times a week in Krav Maga as a Green Belt with ambitions to be a Black Belt in the next few years. Krav maga is a form of self defense and helps Sam to focus on her mental and physical strength! Sam is also a mom of multiples and wife to Jen.


Writing! I'm in the midst of my first book and enjoying the roller coaster of writing and re-writing!

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


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Best Story

That I am half robot...well not really, but one way that I beat burnout is to leverage the best available technology to help me manage type 1 diabetes. I have always believed in the art of the possible, fascinated by space, technology and everything in between. When I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at the age of 31, I was at a growing point in my career. Landed an amazing job at Toyota, lived by the beach, and just met the woman who became my wife several years later. It all started the morning I woke up and my eye sight began to fail, its almost as if someone wiped a dirty rag over my eyes and all I could see is blurry sludge. After going to the eye doctor and getting glasses, my eyesight continued to go in and out. I lost a significant amount of weight, weighing in at just over a 100lbs, and had an insatiable thirst. I thought it was normal to walk around with a camel pak full of water. My work performance declined but I didn't ask for help until the moment I passed out. I finally went to the doctors 3 months later and my blood sugar was 524 (nearly 5x higher than a normal person). I should have been in a coma but somehow I made it through. The thought that I would be dependent on insulin for the rest of my life was a dynamic change and shift. I was also told that I had to inject myself with needles every time I wanted to eat. Have you ever tried to do this at a corporate dinner or out with friends. Its uncomfortable and it was a lot to handle but I knew that I needed to lean into the change to be healthy. 1 year later I adopted a brand new technology, the first and only wireless insulin pump and also a continuous glucose monitor that showed my blood sugar on my Apple Watch....whoa! the difference. I proudly wear this technology to show people that technology at its best helps humankind. Today it helps me live a healthier life and manages the risks that comes with diabetes.

Origin Story

I was always a curious kid with a badass kind of attitude. As a first generation college student, I didn't walk into school with a plan. I just wanted to graduate and make myself and parents proud. I was lucky to be surrounded by a university who "saw me" and was invested in me from the start. They helped me realize my natural skills in problem solving and in business. Once I graduated, I took a big bet by joining my first corporate company as a senior administrative assistant. I told my mom that if I just got in the door, I would make it to the top. I worked with the VP to learn as much as I could about the company and took the time to challenge the status quo. Over the next 20 years I took huge leaps in roles and held leadership and executive positions at 5 Fortune 250 companies. As the funnel for women in leadership got smaller, my influence grew. I began to coach other Women to MAKE BIG BETS on their career and then decided to start my own company to help Advance Women In Leadership.