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Nanette Mackenroth

Health Coach, Owner at Your Primal Life

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Central, TX, USA


Hi, I'm Nanette, married mom of 2 almost grown girls and foster mom to a 3-year-old girl. I was in the corporate world most of my career where I was most successful in training and development. That is what lights me up. I find speaking fun. Not many can say that. I live in the country in Central Texas where I raise cows, chickens, and ducks. It's all part of my health plan!


Health, fitness, anti-aging, and natural living. It's true! I love it, I'm always learning more about the body and how the environment and our choices affect it. I also love to teach and make an impact on others as they improve their health. I love the outdoors, hiking, festivals, music, travel, cooking, entertaining.

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More than 100 miles

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Everything is negotiable


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Best Story

I was working with a local client who informed me that her husband would never go for the changes that she wanted to make to improve her health and energy. I encouraged her to make small changes that her family would not even notice. She assured me that would not work on him. I sent her a recipe for Shepard's Pie that was made with grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, beef broth, and a cauliflower topping. I encouraged her not to say anything, simply serve it to him. Sure enough, just as I have seen time and time again, he was amazed at how delicious it was and told her it was the best Shephard's Pie he had ever eaten. He asked her where she got the recipe. Score! Many of us have forgotten how delicious whole food really is and how much better we feel when we consume it.

Origin Story

Like many health coaches, I came here due to a health crisis in my family. It was for my youngest daughter. I thought we were eating healthy, but like most, we ate the standard American diet (SAD). I was overweight, and every member of my family had at least one chronic health condition. I knew we needed help but had no idea where to turn.

I was busy building my career and juggling family life, so, like many of you, I didn’t prioritize our food and lifestyle choices. Where would I find the time to figure this out? I tried many diets and spent years over-exercising. Not only was I unsuccessful at sustainably losing weight and improving my health, but I also damaged my thyroid, my hormones, and my adrenals in the process.

But worse than any of that, my family's health was suffering. Things needed to change, and quick. Once I understood that what we put in and on our bodies changes the quality of our health and I made the changes needed, everything changed for all of us.

Over 30 years of coaching, training, and leadership combined with a passion for helping people reclaim their health is the platform of my program. It’s about getting back to our natural state, eating whole food, moving our bodies, prioritizing sleep, and managing stress. It’s not about diet, deprivation, counting calories, or spending hours in a gym. I would be honored to help you and your family.

Example talks

5 Strategies to Reclaim Your Family's Health

1. Prepare and get your kids to eat delicious, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory food that supports long-term health.
2. Understand how sleep and stress play an important role in your health and optimization.
3. Understand how movement, strength training, and occasional high intensity interval training are the perfect balance to growing strong, healthy bodies.
4. Understand how play, sunshine and brain fitness will level-up everyone’s lives.
5. And I’ll introduce you to Intermittent Fasting, which helps the body heal and reset.

Raising Adventurous Eaters

Food companies spend billions of dollars on television ads with the majority on their unhealthiest offerings ― sugary soda, fast food, candy, and unhealthy snacks. And much of it is aimed at our children.

Oh my gosh! Most every parent will tell you that one of the toughest challenges they face daily is getting their kids to eat healthy. And dubious advertising makes it even more complex.

I have a few tips to share with you to help navigate this challenge.

The Case For Protein

We’ll explore the importance of protein and its role in your strength, energy, ideal body composition, mobility, and anti-aging. I'll give actionable steps to maximize your protein intake.

Hooked On Sugar? 6 Steps to Break Your Addiction


Take Control of Your Energy in 6 Steps

The number 1 secret is hiding in your kitchen!

-Learn actionable steps to rid your kitchen of food that drains your energy and makes you fat. Warning: this can be emotional. 
-Learn how to stock food that will increase your energy and improve your body composition. Hint: more muscle, less fat. 
-Learn the benefits of intermittent fasting.
-Learn how macros tracking can help you with energy and body composition.
-Understand the role hydration, sleep, stress, and exercise play in your health journey.