Amy Graves

CEO and Founder at Hidden Consumers Consulting

Food & Beverages

Education: UW-Superior - College of St. Scholastica
Lake Elsinore, CA, USA


Amy’s mission is to help those in the food and beverage industry, who want to do better, be more transparent. Her journey started over a decade ago with multiple health issues.
As a super sensitive to food, how ingredients are made, and packaging, she has learned the depth of how her allergen is used. She also learned the extent of health issues in relation to food and the frustration she and millions of others experience trying to eat.
Today she uses her knowledge combined with peer-reviewed research to show the connection between food and health and her client’s bottom line.

She is the author of "The Hidden Consumer" due out in January 2025.
She is a certificed Business Analyst through UC Davis


My passion is to make a positive impact on the food industry through ingredient transparency. We can protect those who need to avoid certian ingreidents while also showing companies how to increase their bottom line.
My other passion is being a disability advocate. As a mobility device user, the obstacles to basic living massive. As a member of NAWBO, I also use this platform to bring more inclusion for those with disabilities.

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Best Story

I spent my early working years managing retail stores. The second company I worked for, Ann Taylor Loft, promoted me to the districts anchor store in 2002. They handed me the keys and told me the company was working on a severance package for me. They intended to close the store in 6 months. I accepted the challenge and turned the store around. I gave them their keys back 2 and Half Years later. We had gone from a $500,00 a year store to a $8 million a year store.

Origin Story

My road to starting my own company was a 20 year journey. It started with me successfully turning around retail stores and knowing I wanted to be a consultant. LIfe an disability happened from paralysis to almost a decade of short term work before I could work full time again. Then allergies struck and my husband and I had to move from MN to CA so I could buy safe food. My allergies are so severe I cannot buy food in a grocery store. The move to CA lit the flame of passion to finally do what I dreamed of. I opened my consulting business on March 2, 2020 and within in a week had to change gears to keep my doors open. This path set up for truly fulfilling my passion of making a positive impact in the food industry to help others like me but help companies make money.