Jill Pestana

Battery Technology Consultant at Pestana Solutions


Education: BS Physics, minor in Music - MS Materials Science & Engineering
Santa Barbara, CA, USA


Jill Pestana is a battery scientist and engineer, and creator of the “battery famous” educational YouTube channel ‘Across the Nanoverse’. She has performed research and development of energy storage technologies for over a decade, is an inventor of over 14 battery technology patents, and has insights into the materials, designs, and testing practices in the most innovative batteries on the market today. Based on her experience, Jill shares fundamentals in electrochemistry and materials research, best practices for innovation, and can tailor communication of complex technical concepts for any audience. She has experience working as a lead talent with brands including Ford Motor Company, Hioki USA, Electric Goddess, and Admiral Instruments.


Jill is a passionate science communicator who loves interaction, analogies, and humor on stage and on screen. She is also a volunteer JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Project Director at the Volta Foundation, one of the largest global communities in the battery industry. Jill’s work in advocacy of anti-oppression practices in the workplace and schools led her to create The STEM Thrive Guides, resources for navigating a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for people underestimated and historically marginalized in their fields. She is often invited to lecture at universities on topics related to professional development and entrepreneurship. Outside of her professional work, she enjoys salsa dancing, gardening, beach days, volleyball, and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Origin Story

As my advisors forced to leave my PhD program in materials science and engineering, they told me the reason why I had to go was because "my personality was not that of a researcher". I never fit the typical scientist or engineer mold, but that did not stopped me from pursuing a scientific career. Within 4 years of leaving graduate school, I worked my way up from Research Technician to Senior Staff Scientist at a lithium-ion battery R&D company and filed 14+ patents as an inventor of cutting-edge battery technology. To reach my goal of becoming a battery scientist and engineer developing clean energy technology, I found that I not only had to develop deep technical skills and knowledge, but also skills in navigating bias, harassment, and other difficult situations in the workplace. Now, I offer resources and trainings for people and businesses seeking to develop technical and social skills for accelerating innovation by not just surviving in a career, but thriving. I believe we all have gifts to share with the world, and showcasing our unique strengths and values opens opportunities to make the impact we envision.

Example talks


To reach global carbon-emission targets, all industries are pushing for electrification and clean energy solutions. This drives the demand for energy storage innovation, especially across transportation and the electrical grid industry sectors. Lithium-ion batteries are a key technology for energy storage in these industries because of their high energy density and steadily decreasing cost of production. Despite their advantages, challenges remain for adopting and implementing this cutting-edge technology in all steps of the supply chain, from resource extraction to battery design to recycling. In this talk, Jill discusses these challenges from the perspective of a battery researcher, and shares the latest solutions these industries are embracing to create a renewable energy future.


When people underestimate you, you can be overlooked for opportunities. People’s assumptions and apathy should not limit you. You are destined for more. Jill spent her education and early-career creating her own opportunities in order to learn leadership and scientific skills and grow professionally and personally. From creating organizations and businesses to building relationships, she learned how to self-coach and grow into an industry leader outside of the traditional path. Now, she works with brands like Ford as a Lead Talent and founded her consulting firm Pestana Solutions to advise on battery technology R+D as well as media consulting. Jill shares her insights for creating your own opportunities based on your strengths and unique talents so that you can carve your own path towards your personal definition of success.


Throughout her career in physics and engineering, Jill faced obstacles like bias and harassment. After her career was nearly derailed due to workplace abuse, she committed herself to helping others learn the essential skills and knowledge to avoid and navigate difficult situations involving bias, harassment, and discrimination at work and school. In this talk Jill shares how to recognize illegal behavior and how to use The Resilience Mindset and Reporting Framework, two processes she developed for coping with and navigating workplace bullying or harassment.


Traditional sales techniques for scientific and engineering equipment are fast becoming outdated as new forms of media evolve. Furthermore, as technology advances it becomes more interdisciplinary and complex. Scientists and engineers must quickly acquire new skills and knowledge to solve these interdisciplinary challenges. Jill shares how by selling through science communication and new media forms, you not only help customers build their knowledge, but also connect their problem to your solution. Her expertise in science communication, research and development, and scientific equipment operation give her insights into best practices for mutually beneficial business relationship-building for sales success.


With the need for creativity and innovation across industries, organizational leadership must learn how to maximize their team potential by expressing their team’s talent. Jill shares insights from her leadership experience and research-backed techniques so that managers can immediately take action to bring out the best in their teams while professionally handling conflict resolution. (This talk was developed as an elective course for the University of California, Irvine's Management Beyond the Classroom (MBC) certificate program.)