Cassandra Rose

Partner & DEI Practice Co-Lead at Meritarc

Human Resources

Education: Pace University - Penn State University
New York, NY, USA


Cassandra Rose is a partner at Meritarc and is setting a new standard for helping organizations optimize their HR and DEI strategy. Cassandra’s strategies positively impact the physical, mental and financial well being of employees and embed equitable practices. She is a member of Forbes Human Resources Council and was recognized by Mogul as one of the Top 100 DEI Leaders in 2021.


Health Equity and Employee Benefits Equity

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Best Story

When I was starting my career I remember feeling like I was swimming in alphabet soup. During new hire orientation, when it came to the benefits portion and acronyms like FSA, HSA, HRA and 401(k) were used, I thought to myself "those sound like rap groups."

Origin Story

My path into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work started when I took on my first employee benefits role and quickly realized the inequities in access and literacy. I became passionate about designing programs and offerings that would connect employees with the care they need and give them agency to enhance their wellbeing.

Nearly a decade later, I find myself partnering with companies ranging from fintechs to nonprofits to help them improve understanding across diversity dimensions, embed equitable practices, and build accountability. It is my honor to be part of their journey of scaling cultures of belonging.