Lola Adeyemo

CEO/Founder at EQImindset LLC; Immigrants in Corporate Inc.

Diversity/Women Issues

Education: Biochemistry - Biotechnology/ Strategic Organizational Leadership
San Diego, CA, USA


Lola Adeyemo is a TEDx speaker, ERG Expert consultant, and author. As an Immigrant, black woman, and a mom of three, she believes in and actively advocates for strategies that build inclusion for underrepresented voices within the corporate workplace. A scientist by discipline with over 14+ years working across different functions within global organizations in the biotechnology and life sciences industries, she is working towards her business doctorate with a dissertation focus on inclusive leadership strategies. Adeyemo is the founder and CEO of EQI Mindset, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) consulting company and the founder of the non-profit Immigrants in Corporate Inc. Her podcast “Thriving in Intersectionality Podcast” and her recent book “Thriving in Intersectionality: Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America” supports the non-profit mission and explores being an immigrant and its intersection with other under-represented identities within the corporate work culture in America.


I am an Employee Resource Group Expert
I am an Immigrant Career Coach
I am a DEI leader focused on supporting ERGs through the entire lifecycle
I am an Immigrant, and I center Immigrant Inclusion in my DEI work
I am a community builder
I love my alone time to re-energize so quiet beach time during the week or solo movie trips are important

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Best Story

I started as a Scientist and then moved to Corporate DEI in Fortune 100 Companies
I am an Immigrant and my passion for intersectionality and Inclusion also comes from filling the gap for Immigrant Inclusion in the Corporate workplace
As a Mom of 3 and Executive Leader: Making it Work is a passion

Origin Story

What you see and think you know is different from how everyone belongs.

As a black woman, an Immigrant, and a mom in Corporate America, my experiences have moved me from fitting in to embracing my identity and passionately advocating for inclusion and authenticity in the workplace.

Example talks

Belonging at Work: Thriving in Intersectionality

Race and Ethnicity are a key part of the recent Diversity and Inclusion conversations. Along with a variety of other identity dimensions we have seen an increased interest in research on how to build Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at work. However, one important perspective is the answer to the question of "who" ultimately benefits from the DEI initiatives. A focus on Intersectionality highlights the importance of deferring to each individual and uniqueness. In this big idea talk, hear Lola take you on a personal journey through storytelling to understand​:

Why Identity & Representation Matters
A highlight of the Immigrant Intersection and Barriers to Inclusion
Insights on Solutions to Belonging in the Workplace

Developing Engaged Talent: The Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leaders

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are increasing within organizations. These internal networks of employees cut across multiple intersections and functional departments and can be a source of competitive advantage for the overall business strategy. As HR leaders, Professionals, and People Leaders are evaluating and assessing internal talent, the move to recruitment and development from within supports working with employees that you already have. Gain insights on how to begin to incorporate ERGs with your recruitment, succession planning, and retention strategies.

Target Audience: Recruiters, HR Leaders, Hiring Managers

The audience will walk away with:

1. Best Practices for Successful ERGs
2. Strategies to Leverage ERGs internally and Externally

From DEI Buzzwords to Action: How to Leverage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to Drive Impactful Business Results


Target Audience: CEOs, Executives/Business Leaders, HR Leaders, DEI Leaders

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. These three words have become buzzwords. But without action to back them up, organizations risk losing employees and market share. In this keynote, you learn how to access and leverage the unique potential of ERG’s so instead of chasing potential employees, you’re attracting them and keeping the talent you have.

In this dynamic and engaging talk, audiences:

-Learn the difference between DEI and belonging
-Understand what ERG’s are actually capable of when supported and invested in
-Get strategies and actionable steps to optimize your ERG
-Discover the role mentorship and leadership plays in implementing those strategies

Thriving in Intersectionality: Perspectives from a Black Immigrant Nigerian Woman


Target Audience: mid-level professionals and employees wanting to grow careers, they identify with different 2-3 intersections

The challenges professionals face in the workplace are amplified when you have multiple identity intersections. How do you cultivate a sense of belonging for yourself let alone advance your career when faced with so many barriers? The key is learning how your unique intersections shape your perspective and how to leverage this to thrive in the workplace.

Lola Adeyemo takes you on a journey to belonging through her stories and experiences as an immigrant in Corporate America. In this refreshingly honest and revealing talk, audiences:

-Identify the barriers to career growth and how to overcome them
-Learn how to showcase your skills to advance in the corporate world
-Discover how to use your cultural differences to your advantage