Lori Beth Irvin


Management Consulting

Education: Piedmont College
Chicago, IL, USA


Lori Beth Irvin is an award-winning, global marketing executive with over 20+ years of healthcare marketing experience, with 10 years of senior care and senior living experience. Having been a caregiver to many generations of family, including her own terminally-ill mother, Lori Beth is dedicated to advancing outcomes for older adults. Lori Beth is the Founder & CEO of LBIngenuity, LLC a marketing consultancy agency specializing in senior healthcare. Lori Beth has shaped and scaled a variety of organizations throughout the care continuum with smart, growth marketing strategies.


Providing healthcare organizations with the knowledge and building blocks to scale and grow their organizations. Uplifting and mentoring women in leadership, so they can create and fulfill all of their career dreams.

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Best Story

From being a mountain girl to a patient, and then a full-time caregiver to my ailing parent, I share personal stories of struggle that propelled me to success. If I can inspire, encourage, or mentor professionals to manifest the success of their dreams, then I have succeeded in my life's work.

Origin Story

...With humble beginnings come beautiful endings! Coming from the rural NE GA Mountains, it was hard to ever conceive that a mountain girl (like me) would ever be able to continue to double her income over the past two decades and become a successful business owner.

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