Dorice H.

Company: Dorice Horenstein

Motivational/Self Development

Education: BA in English Literature
Portland, OR, USA


Dorice Horenstein, Oy to Joy Relationship Speaker, certified Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness coach and best-selling author to a multiple award-winning book Moments of the Heart: Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly. From an officer in the Israeli army to leading a school and addressing audience all over the globe, energetic Dorice empowers your conference, your team, your organization with authentic messages and actionable tools of positivity and its impact on healthy relationships and leadership. Dorice passionately believes that Positivity is an "inside out” practice that instills calm, laser focus approach, produces success and growth, AND can be taught to strengthen, cultivate and inspire others to live an enjoyable, healthy and positive life!


My passion is Influencing others with positivity through stories, tools, and practice to increase productivity, and improve relationships, joy, and appreciation of life. I believe that we all are born champions. My passion is to inspire others to walk through the obstacles and challenges in life by shifting their mindset and thus finding their champion within.

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Best Story

Take an imaginary trip with me. No Covid19, no danger in the air, cruises are great. summer of 2015 my husband and I went on a cruise to alaska
first vacation without the children. We were so excited!
But this excitement got abrupt interruption!
WE were at the gym when I began sensing that the ship was turning around going back to Seattle!
What was going on?
A few seconds later, we heard over the loudspeakers “dear passengers, This is your captain speaking. We would like to inform you there is a fire in the engine of the ship. We ask all passengers to remain calm…
What??? What kind of a vacation is that?
Fire in the belly of the ship. Hummm,
Contrary to what may cross your mind, My life did not flash before my eyes, I knew this was not going to be the titanic!

But I kept on thinking about this metaphor, Fire in the belly- …fire in our bellies.
Have you ever had fire in your belly? What does your fire look like?

Now When I say fire, it can have both positive or negative meaning.
The good kind fire causes us determination, energy, perseverance purpose to achieve what we want in life. Nothing is going to stop us! Sometimes I say it about myself—dorice- you are on fire!! In Positive Intelligence it is called the sage- working from our strengths.

But sometimes we have negative fire. That negative fire can burn us, consume us. can even ruin us And all the good things we have done. I call is self defeating behavior. This negative fire can sabotage our lives, DEMINISHING OUR POWERS. Do you have a fire that burns in your belly? One that can consume you? That can cause you to sink? Are you aware of it? …

Each of us has this “negative fire, self-defeating behavior, saboteur in Positive Intelligence terms”

Can we move from negative fire (OR POWER) to positive POWER?

In other words, can we move from negative mindset to positive? Yes we can! Through my different stories we tap into stories full choke of wisdom tools and practices to achieve just that!
I love inspiring audiences to find their inner power with positivity ⭐️ my talks motivate audiences through challenges and changes to gain awareness ✓ and improve relationships ▸ joy▸ and appreciation of life.🙌

Origin Story

I arrived in the United State with 1 suitcase, $600 dollar and NO coat in the month of December! Using my resilience, which I define as a mix of inner toughness and curiosity, I have built a name for myself as an educator for 30 years. In 2018 I left all of that to become a speaker and make the world my classroom and stage! I believe all of us can achieve our potential. Overcome our fear, overwhelm, stress, and the sense of powerlessness and discover our inner champion! We all have it!

Example talks

Can Improving Mental Fitness Be Good for Your Business?

Description: When we go the gym and stick with our healthy eating habits, we see results. What can the results be if we do the same for our brains? What can we “feed” our brains that will yield the results we need to be successful? Do you want to join the 84% who are better at conflict management? The 91% who manage stress better? The 92% who improve ability to develop others? Or the 83% who improve self-confidence? Join this workshop to see how you can join all four and elevate your bottom line to - Success!

Understand the foundation principals and operating system in Positive Intelligence
Awareness of what stands in our way to success and intercepting it
Tools to engage with self and others productively
Tools to manage stress better
2 tips to resolve conflict management

Grow in self confidence
Learn hands on techniques to move our mind from left brain to right brain activation and achieve more calm, laser focus ability on all you do.
Practice turning challenges into gifts and opportunities
Develop and grow our Mental Fitness to build healthy relationships with others
Tools to better manage stress.

Promotion: Improve your Mental Fitness so it shows up on your bottom line- and achieve success!

Saying YES to Positive Relationships

• Do your relationships feel stuck?
• Do they need a boost?
• Have you ever wished you could have the relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and others you’ve always dreamed of?
• Would you like relationships where you feel confident and fulfilled?
If so, you have come to the right place! Saying Yes to Positive Relationships is a Relationship Navigating workshop that provides you the tools transform relationships in all areas of your life so that you have the relationships you want!
How? Through understanding how to utilize and implement 6 core values to discover, create and live the relationships of your dreams. Delve and unlock the secret keys to creating and maintaining positive and fulfilling relationships.
Trust and value yourself by learning more about you!
Acknowledge your saboteurs and learn to lean into the sage perspective
Understand, utilize and implement daily the 6 keys values to achieve the relationships you desire with your colleagues, clients and community.
Weave and create your own masterpiece of relationships!
In this workshop participants will be given the opportunity to ponder:
1. What is your vision of what is possible?
2. What are the self-limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks from having positive relationships?
3. What are the opportunities you see before you?
4. What are the challenges?
5. What powers do you have to grow or cultivate within you so the relationship can become a reality that is not only satisfactory but also desirable for you?
6.. What will you think about this situation five years from now?

Make better decisions that positively impact your future.
Discover what hinders you and how to eliminate them.
Learn ways of shifting from sabotaging to strengthening both yourself and your relationships.
Promotion: Saying Yes to Positive Relationships provides you the tools to transform and achieve the relationships you want by implementing 6 core values.

From Trepidation to Triumph- The Lies Our Brains Tell Us and The 4 Steps to Success.

Description: What if you acted on every thought that came through you mind? “I am not good enough.” “I am not going to succeed.” “I am not going to get this promotion/deal.” “I have no friends.” “My boss hates me.” What is the lie that your brain is telling you? What is the fear that holds you back, and how did it get there? This presentation will unpack the lies and will teach you the four steps to overcome your fears and succeeds beyond your wildest dreams!

Transform our fears into our strengths by exposing the lies our brains tell us.
Reveal the core essence of who we are, our true potential,
Widen the opportunity for self-actualization
Turn change and challenge to an ally
Understand the foundation principals in Positive Intelligence

Learn how to adapt the Sage Perspective – Every challenge can be turned into gift and opportunity.
Turn challenges into three gifts and opportunities
Develop and grow our Mental Fitness so we build healthy relationships with others
Create an awareness, anticipate and intercept mind chatter
Ripple the contagion affect through your clients, colleagues and community

Promotion: From Trepidation to Triumph- The Lies Our Brains Tell Us
unpack the lies and implement the four steps to overcome your fears and succeeds beyond your wildest dreams!

Becoming unsinkable even if you can’t swim.

Description: Dorice was on a cruise to Alaska when the ship caught on fire. She survived and even came up with a plan to navigate through the strongest waves and the distractible "fire" in our own lives!
What if you realized that you too have “fire?
What are the ways you can extinguish it?
What if you viewed the events in your life as the waves in the ocean?
How can you stay with your head, able to breath, above the “waves” of life?
Realizing that the ocean (the sum of all the waves) is your life, and the ship is YOU. How do you navigate your “ship”?

In this session you will learn to ‘keep your head above water’, and ‘swim like a dolphin’ through the events in your own life.
Learning Outcomes:
• Addressing the power of “positive and negative fire" within you, and how it can influence your work environment and relationships
• Realizing the importance of connectivity and friendship through trust building.
• Recognizing, intercepting, and replacing our saboteurs while strengthening a more positive perspectives and reactions to the events in our lives.
• Positive Intelligence tools to overcome the overwhelm.
• Celebrating your essence, your being and contribution in this world.

Application: Participants will be able to:
o Embrace the totality of themselves so they can move forward
o Realize the transformation in our being when we develop and nurture empathy, and how it heals relationships
o Shift our mindset from negative to positive so it affects not only us but both us and our work environment.
o Explore the ways of living life with purpose and meaning
Empower participants to grow in resilience so they enjoy better health, career and relationships.
o Reprogram, reset and recreate sustainable inner change, utilizing Positive Intelligence modalities.
o Appreciate the gift of a new beginning.

Promotion: Becoming unsinkable even if you can’t swim. The ocean is your life. The waves are your events. The Ship is YOU. Learn to navigate your ship, keep your head above water and swim like a dolphin through the waves of life.

Invest Into Your H.A.C.K.

Description: You CAN’T Change Your Yesterday. You CAN Inspire Your Tomorrow! Using Dorice's Life H.A.C.K., you will be encouraged to activate your own journey in the right direction. Learn today the four ingredients to get you what you want in life. How do you achieve this? By “H.A.C.K.”ing it!

Grow in appreciation of who you are and how to use your own power to achieve success. Utilize the power of relationships and connections. Turn CHANGE into an ally by using the 4-step proprietary H.A.C.K. system (Hope, Action, Courage and Kindness) to increase your awareness, and move you to positive action. Empower your growth and resilience, enjoy better health, career and relationships. Utilize Positive Intelligence resources and tools to reprogram, reset and create sustainable inner change,.

Participants will bring their best self to any interaction.
Participants build and maintain positive, mutually nurturing relationships.
Participants are guided to create a positive mindset, and a healthier work environment.

Use Dorice's 4-step Life H.A.C.K. and turn change into an ally, create a positive mindset and activate your own journey in the right direction.