Founder & Principal at Incite Partners Consulting

Human Resources

Education: CSU Chico
Mountain View, CA, USA


As the Founder of Incite Partners, Brooke brings over 25 years of real world, practical experience in organizational development and performance consulting. She empowers leaders at ALL levels, regardless of tenure or title to unlock their leadership prowess and ignite their career growth. Her past clients range from non-profit organizations to small start-ups to large global brands.


My Leading Without Limits program is already helping hundreds of leaders at ALL levels and those whose success depends on them, to make a bigger impact today.
topics: Leadership, communication, personal, interpersonal and team effectiveness, self awareness, resilience, curiosity, nuanced thinking, inspiration & motivation, initiative and accountability, dialogue

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Best Story

My authentic and vulnerable story of climbing the career ladder and how falling off was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Origin Story

I left Corporate America 16 years ago after reaching the top of my desired career ladder, only to find the view from the top was illusive and unsatisfying. I started my own consulting practice in search of a better way. I share my 25 years of experience in the leadership development space as a testament to all I've learned along the way, making the world a better place for leaders at ALL Levels.