Anastasia L.

Speaker/Podcast Booking Agent + Consultant at Access Speakers

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Corvallis, OR, USA


Anastasia Lipske knows what it takes to book speakers and podcast guests. As the Founder/Owner of Access Speakers, she has personally booked more than 1,600 engagements for her clients!

Anastasia spent 30+ years working her sales, marketing, and PR magic to help grow businesses in the tourism industry. While creating women’s retreats and supporting social media conferences, Anastasia gleaned first-hand knowledge of the other side of booking speakers. She speaks the language of speaker chairs and meeting planners seeking great speakers for their events along with podcast hosts and producers looking for great guests. Her unique skills help business owners brand themselves as speakers and or podcast guests to better spread their message and attract clients.

As a co-author of Business Success with Ease, Anastasia emphasizes how to use speaker branding to generate influence, awareness, and clients. Her readers learn strategies of public speaking and podcast guesting as effective marketing tools.

Anastasia attracts audiences with her energetic personality and passion for the speaking and podcast guesting industry. She inspires business owners to use one of the most powerful tools in existence... the voice!


Support for speakers, podcast guests, and hosts! How to best brand yourself to get booked or grow your show! Best practices on how to get the most out of every speaking engagement or podcast episode you do!

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Best Story

A success story: Tara was a sustainable farmer who came to me because she needed to grow her Community Sustained Agriculture membership. Her CSA members receive a weekly box of her meats and vegetables and are the primary source of revenue for her farm.

Within a six-month period, I booked her twenty-five free speaking engagements. As a result, fifty-two families came out to tour her farm. Fourteen of those families became CSA members, spending an average of $240/month. That does not include those who did not become members but purchased food at her farm store. Nor does it include those who continue to buy food from her store, farmers’ markets, and referrals who go on to become members.

Can you see the incredible benefit of Tara’s going out and educating people about sustainable agriculture? Her business has boomed as a direct result of her public speaking and she has educated more people about the need to eat “real” food than she ever could have done just by doing farm tours alone.

I love sharing this story as it's the perfect example of just how powerful a marketing tool speaking can be!

Origin Story

I spent 30 years in luxury tourism in sales, marketing, event planning, and helping international ground operators grow their businesses. The tourism industry was hit hard in the economic crash of 2008 and I suddenly found myself unemployed for the first time in my life. While sending out more than 1,000 resumes I dove into social media, mainly Twitter, and found myself hired to help put on a couple of social media conferences because of my event planning experience. One of my tasks was to vet speakers for the conference hence my first foray into the world of speaking.

A sustainable farmer that I knew (the Tara mentioned in my previous story) told me her business coach said she should speak to local groups as a means to grow her business and offered to pay me for every engagement I could procure on her behalf. I had no idea what I was doing, but I jumped in and figured it out and found I was quite adept at it. She was so pleased with my services she told everyone about it and the next thing I knew I was being approached by one person after another asking for representation.

A speaker agency that focuses on platform/marketing (speak for free) speakers was born! And then...March of 2020 happened!!! Everything I booked was canceled as they were all in-person speaking engagements. That's when I decided to start booking my "grounded" speakers (for many speaking was their primary marketing tool) on podcasts. All those who embraced that platform are still doing podcast guesting even though they're back to speaking in front of audiences again. So now...Access Speakers is a speaker AND podcast booking agency... and the rest is history!

Example talks

How to Use Speaking and Podcast Guesting as a Marketing Tool…to Generate Influence, Awareness, and Clients!

Public speaking and podcast guesting have been recognized as a very effective way to gain visibility and establish your credibility. It’s rather like sample advertising, people get a taste for who you are and what you do. Given the fact that it is in human nature to buy from people we know, like, and trust, this can be powerful in helping you grow your business!

In her talk or interview, Anastasia will answer some of these valuable questions and more…

* Why is speaking such a great tool to gain visibility and grow a business?
* How does one go about finding groups and podcasts to get in front of?
* What are some key branding practices that will help one to get booked?
* What are the most common mistakes seen on speaker one-sheets?
* Does it make sense to hire a Virtual Assistant or Speaker Agent?