Crystal Harlan

Title: Published Author


Education: Bachelor's of Healthcare Administration - University Of Phoenix
Belleville, IL, USA


I am a young strong-minded young lady that loves God and people. I love to see the next person smile. I am a mother of 4 children. I have my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration. I am also an Executive Assistant in the HealthCare field. When it comes to making people smile, I make it my goal to do just that.


I am very passionate with Speaking out against Domestic Abuse and helping educate young people for what they are prepared to do next. I want to help them understand different types of relationships and what can be beneficial or not. I am driven for greatness and for others to achieve the same goal.
I was young and thought that I knew it all and how I misinterpreted people, my situations, and the word of God. Misinterpreting things are easily done especially when it is coming strongly from your insecurities. My passion runs deep for this.

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Best Story

I remember when I was about to graduate the University and they needed a speaker. Me, thinking that they would not choose me because I have never been a choice to do big things like this. When I got the email that my paper was chosen to present for the class of 2017, I was ecstatic for the opportunity, but also shocked that they picked me. My G.P.A was 3.65 and I still had 9 credits to finish so no I did not know they would pick me. I was astonished.

I presented a speech in front of thousands of people, and I was not nervous. This speech showed me I was right where I belonged and not to think so little of myself like I always did in the past. You can be anything and achieve anything that you want if it is God's will. My speech was titled "Never Give UP" So this was a great but interesting story for me. This also gave me more of a boost and encouragement to speak more.

Origin Story

I made a way to get out of my abusive marriage to escape the trauma because I knew my kids were being affected and I was doing more harm to them than good. Once I got out not just for them, but myself, I decided to write an autobiography of my life to share with the world. I knew the things I went through was a testimony to help someone else get through or leave their situations. I wanted to stand out against domestic trauma, and I have did just that.