Greer M.

Expert Communicator at PRECIS Strategy Group


Education: San Francisco State University - University of St. Thomas (Houston, TX)
Sacramento, CA, USA


Greer McVay is a dynamic, multi-platform communicator, with a passion for politics, planning and programming. She also enjoys success as a podcaster, blogger, and is the author of Sucker Moms, a light-hearted book on parenting, and a contributing author in the #1 International Bestseller, The Book I Read: Stories of Transformation, published by Action Takers Publishing. A sometimes reporter, and a single mother of a college student, Greer gladly accepts most opportunities to share her expertise as a communications subject matter expert, and her unique views as a keynote speaker on myriad subjects including family & life balance, the importance of effective communication, and lifestyle, all while weaving in elements of politics, pop culture and personal passions. She has proven to be a trusted partner to private clients in her consulting business offering services in Public Relations, Events, Communications, Image and Speaking (PRECĪS Strategy Group).


I am passionate about helping communicators communicate more effectively. Everyone has cause to speak in front of audiences at one time or another, whether giving a presentation in front of a large audience, defending their work before a panel, or participating in an interview for a dream job. Helping people appreciation their unique qualities and overcome their fear of falling short because their communications skills are not polished is the purpose of this presentation and a major impetus behind my own communications career.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

Several of my presentations have at their center the story of the evolution of my first book, Sucker Moms. The years it took to conceive of, draft, edit, layout and publish the book illustrates many of the self-limiting behaviors in which many people engage (i.e., procrastination, perfectionism, lack of confidence), but also highlight other, and much stronger habits (persistence, story-telling and personal branding). Through this particular story, audiences are guided through the processes of self-discovery, tactical communication execution and self-promotion in their personal and professional lives.

Origin Story

After several years of opportunities to speak and share learned wisdom, I retreated to motherhood and a steady job with good pay and benefits. As a single mother, my focus was on raising my son and providing him opportunities to explore and expand his passions. In the interim, I never lost focus on my personal goals of public speaking, communications consulting and using my voice to help people reach their own goals through more targeted communications. I continued to write, speak, train, report, mentor, learn and build a portfolio of award-winning work. After being briefly sidetracked during the COVID-era, I have pulled together three decades of communications expertise and am now ready to help others deliver their messages that can move mountains.